Epilepsy (Oxford Neurology Library Series)

Epilepsy (Oxford Neurology Library Series)

Simon Shorvon 
Oxford University Press, Oxford. 2009. | ISBN 978-0-19-957692-0 |pp. 172

This book is part of the Oxford Neurology Library. It aims to be a concise pocketbook for the practicing clinician. The purpose of the book volume is to provide a short but comprehensive survey of epilepsy and its management for the busy clinician. It is very definitely intended to be a clinical tool—and what is provided is clinical information rather than data relevant to research or experimental study. Factual information is contained as much as possible, in a digestible form, and to avoid longwinded or complex description. Diagnosis, treatment and counselling are especially emphasized, for it is in these areas that accurate data and clinical skill are particularly needed. Pharmacological, pharmacokinetic and therapeutic details of individual drugs are summarized in tables for rapid reference. Emergency and surgical therapies for epilepsy are also covered. The book is designed for generalists, specialists and trainees.



Preface vi
Symbols and abbreviations vii
1.Definition and frequency of epilepsy 1
2. Clinical forms of epilepsy 7
3. The causes of epilepsy 29
4. The differential diagnosis and investigation of epilepsy 49
5. Principles of treatment of epilepsy 65
6.Anti-epileptic drugs 91
7. Epilepsy surgery 123
8. Emergency treatment of epileptic seizures 139
9. Social and psychosocial aspects of epilepsy 153
Index 167

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