Physicians and War

Physicians and War

Humphrey Hodgson and Simon Shorvon
Little Brown 2016
ISBN-10: 1408706288; ISBN9781408706282
112 pages


The Royal College of Physicians celebrates its 500th anniversary in 2018, and to observe this landmark is publishing a series of ten books. Each of the books focuses on fifty elements that have contributed to making the RCP what it is today.  This, the fourth book, outlines some of the effects of war on the College as an institution, on it’s buildings and especially on its members and fellows. Medicine can profoundly change the fortunes of those engaged in war, and war also greatly changes medicine. It creates new diseases, leads to medical innovation and advances in therapy, and has also stimulated new approaches to the organisation of medical care. This book is a brief exposition on aspects of the complex interface of war and medicine, and the crucial role played by the College and its physicians in the medicine of war.

Table of Contents


The turbulent seventeenth century

Napoleonic wars and the alter nineteenth century

World War I

World War II


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