The Epilepsies 3

The Epilepsies 3

Edited by Simon Shorvon and Timothy A. Pedley 
Saunders, Philadelphia, 2009. 
355 pages 38 ills | Trim size 6 X 9 in | ISBN: 1405131349

This title in the Blue Books of Neurology series highlights advances in epileptology and new ways of managing seizure disorders. Contributors from around the world lend a global perspective. The chapters are focused on areas in which there are significant new findings or those that are controversial. Basic research and clinical topics are included. There are detailed discussions of difficulties in diagnosing and treating epilepsy, including the latest pharmacologic management strategies.


1. Seizure Prediction: Its Evolution and Therapeutic Potential. pp1-16
David Kreiger and Brian Litt

2. Febrile Seizures. pp 17-26
Celine M Dube and Tallie Z Baram
3. Mechanisms of Action of Levetiracetam and Newer SV2A Ligands. pp 27-38
Henrik Klitgaard and Alain Matagne

4. Long-Term Effects of Seizures on Brain Structure and Function. pp 39-52
Howard F Goodkin and Edward H Bertram

5. Dipole Source Modeling in Epilepsy: Contribution to Clinical Management. pp 53-64
John S Ebersole

6. EEG-correlated fMRI in Epilepsy: current state of the art. pp 65-83
Rachel Thornton and Louis Lemieux

7. Epilepsy and Sleep. pp 84-96
Soheyl Noachtar and Jan Remi

8. Cortical Myoclonus and Epilepsy: Overlap and Differences. pp 97-118
Renzo Guerrini and Francesco Mari

9. The Life-Threatening Epilepsies of Childhood and Their Treatment. pp 119-128
Catherine Chiron

10. The Spectrum of Epilepsies Associated with Generalized Spike and Wave Patterns. pp 129-144
Michael Koutroumanidas and Chrysostomos Panayiotopoulos

11. Epilepsies due to Monogenic Disorders of Metabolism. pp 145- 160
Chantal Depondt

12. Rasmussen’s Encephalitis. pp 161-176
Tiziana Granata and Carlo Antozzi

13. Seizures and Epilepsy in the Elderly. pp 177-193
Ann Mendiratta and Timothy Pedley

14. Psychosis of Epilepsy. pp 194-210
Andres M Kanner

15. Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy. pp 211-240
Fergus Rugg-Gunn and Lina Nashef

16. The Management of Epilepsy in Pregnancy. pp 241-264
Torbjorn Tomson and Dina Battino

17. Does Early Treatment Influence the Long-Term Outcome of Epilepsy. pp 265-276
Anthony Marson

18. Pharmacodynamic Interactions of Antiepileptic Drugs. pp 277-293
Gail D Anderson and Jong M Rho

19. The Surgery of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy I – Historical Development, Patient Selection, and Seizure Outcome. pp 294-306
Nicholas Moran and Simon Shorvon

20. The Surgery of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy II – Surgical Complications and Long-Term Adverse Effects. pp 307-321
Simon Shorvon and Nicholas Moran

21. Brain Stimulation in Epilepsy – An Old Technique with a New Promise? pp 322-241
Kristl Vonck and Paul Boon

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